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Hengshui shuangli rubber technology co., LTD. (kinghsien shuangli XinYe co., LTD.) was founded in 1997, is located in hebei kinghsien, jinnan border with shandong in the north Beijing west beijing-kowloon railway, 106 state road, east of 104 national road, traffic is very convenient. With five factory, covering a total area of 35000 square meters. With total assets of 80 million yuan, the staff 80 million people, including the existing intermediate or above technical personnel 26, full-time or part-time senior technical personnel 8 people. After years of development the company production and operating a variety of series of rubber chemicals, reclaimed rubber, zinc oxide, zinc carbonate, reactive oxidizing zinc, promoting agent, stabilizer, stearic acid, coumarone, paraffin wax, AC foaming agent and other rubber additives. And in 2000 passed the ISO: 2000-2000 international quality system certification.
Contact us
Fax: 0318-7763900
Phone: 18632866677
Contact: Mr. Cao,
Email address: [email protected]
Website: 现在用建行买彩票 www.sutzy.icu
Address: hebei hengshui city kinghsien WenCheng industrial zone
Hengshui shuangli rubber technology co., LTD
Fax: 0318-7763900    Phone: 18632866677    Contact: Mr. Cao,    Email address: [email protected]
Website: 现在用建行买彩票 www.sutzy.icu    Address: hebei hengshui city kinghsien WenCheng industrial zone
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